The Most Experienced JDA/BlueYonder Staff Members on the Planet – Period

We have the most experienced Redprairie-JDA-BlueYonder WMS staff on the planet – Period. Add to that the fact that our staff currently holds 76-0 record for successful WMS implementations, dating all the way back to the 1990s. That is why we are able to offer fixed-bid quotes on nearly everything we do.

GetUsROI GP Project Team

We are sure that seems like a pretty tall tale, but here are the facts:

  • Our staff includes two of the four original authors of what is now the BlueYonder WMS.
  • Mark Fralick, GetUsROI founder, is co-inventor and the original developer of MOCA, the architecture underlying the WMS. This level of experience with the product just does not exist anywhere else.
  • GetUsROI staff members conducted the very first automation integration with this software in 1995. More recently we’ve been focused on autonomous vehicles and goods-to-person technology.
  • We created the MocaMasters WMS training site, used by hundreds of companies to train their staffs on Redprairie/JDA/BlueYonder WMS internals.

Since 2004, GetUsROI has taken on some of the most difficult, highly automated implementations on the planet for the most demanding Fortune 100 customers. We are fiercely independent. While happy to be recognized as BlueYonder Accredited Partner, we do not sell software. We do not want to risk even the perception of making a recommendation that would benefit our bottom line. We will consult with you to make the best decision for you – and your organization’s ROI, but we won’t even consider a referral bonus.

This plays into our mission of courageous excellence: do the right thing, always, utilizing a respectful challenge process and maintaining a culture of excellence that starts with each team member’s expectations of ourselves. Read more HERE.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with our great customers. They make our work rewarding every day.


WMS Implementations

Our 100% track record for successful implementations speaks for itself

WMS Staff Augmentation

If your consulting operation needs technical help on RP/JDA/BlueYonder WMS, we are the GO TO solution for you

Parcel Integration

We have parcel options that may mean you don’t need to pay for expensive 3rd party software

WCS/WES Integrations

Many years ago, we did the very first WCS integration with this WMS and continue to be the experts in this area

Operational Consulting

Need help with LMS or WMS configurations or operational support or SOPs?

GetUsROI’s Unique “Challenge-and-Refine” Approach


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