Courageous Excellence

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We believe courage is one of the most defining measures of a person. Without courage, we feel, one cannot have anything else that really matters. Now, certainly we are not out there doing dangerous work. We have huge respect for the men and women who face danger every day. Instead, we acknowledge that pursuing excellence […]

Your WMS Wants to Have a Word With You!

Everyone’s a critic, even my car…  Yes, my own car (I don’t have a cute name for it – just my car) is constantly prodding me about something. Too close to the side of the lane it says with a, not so subtle, shake of the steering wheel. Or, too close to center stripe, too […]

JDA 2019 – the Goldilocks WMS

“And this one is JUST RIGHT”, Goldilocks proclaims in the 19th-century fable. Since then the term “Goldilocks Conditions”, meaning the perfect conditions for whatever is next, has been applied to science, space exploration, and other endeavors.  We are now 5 months post go-live of our first JDA version 2019 WMS implementation – done in the EU […]

Codeless Robot Integrations and New Android Wearables with Voice Cues Highlight New WMS Extensions

Announcing the Attuned Labs 5.0 (Euphonium) Release The AttunedLabs Euphonium (Eupho) release makes another big splash with a huge set of new features to augment your existing WMS, WES, Order Management, and Robot/Goods-to-Person system. See more information at Codeless Robot, WES Integrations.  In a really exciting set of improvements, our new Leap Entities feature allows for codeless […]