Codeless Robot Integrations and New Android Wearables with Voice Cues Highlight New WMS Extensions

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Announcing the Attuned Labs 5.0 (Euphonium) Release The AttunedLabs Euphonium (Eupho) release makes another big splash with a huge set of new features to augment your existing WMS, WES, Order Management, and Robot/Goods-to-Person system. See more information at Codeless Robot, WES Integrations.  In a really exciting set of improvements, our new Leap Entities feature allows for codeless […]

Robotics Go-Live in Less than 10 Weeks

GetUsROI Teams with The Exchange, 6River Systems, and BlueYonder to get advanced picking with robots done in record time. As we often say, we can get someone to get the interfaces done in a couple of days, but it takes more than just interfaces to get a successful go-live. Getting this done in less than […]

Introducing LUCA – Features and Integrations Living Together in Harmony

Great ideas come in all sorts of sizes and packages. From big physical innovations like robots, smaller esoteric functions like cartonization, or unique custom mobile applications – they can all bring value to your organization. LUCA, or Leap Unified Composable Architecture, brings a Feature-First fabric for including virtually any sort of technology – including composable UI/UX Applications.

Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) and GetUsROI Success Story

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It’s been a little over a year since the Dan Daniel Distribution Center finished modernizing its warehouse management technology. And the effort has paid off.

Thanks to the JDA warehouse management system and a team of dedicated associates, Dan Daniel DC handled nearly 3.7 million packages from February through April 2020, when the pandemic was raging, compared with 3.2 million for the same period in 2019—a 12% increase.

BlueYonder 2019 – the Goldilocks WMS

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“And this one is JUST RIGHT”, Goldilocks proclaims in the 19th-century fable. Since then the term “Goldilocks Conditions”, meaning the perfect conditions for whatever is next, has been applied to science, space exploration, and other endeavors.  We are now 5 months post go-live of our first BlueYonder version 2019 WMS implementation – done in the EU […]

Courageous Excellence

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We believe courage is one of the most defining measures of a person. Without courage, we feel, one cannot have anything else that really matters. Now, certainly we are not out there doing dangerous work. We have huge respect for the men and women who face danger every day. Instead, we acknowledge that pursuing excellence […]

Gratitude – Changing the Conversation

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Gratitude changes the whole conversation…

In the 25+ years of my career, I have seen many different leadership styles and corresponding cultures. Over the past few years I have been focused on creating a culture of gratitude.

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