The Thing About MicroServices

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The microservices approach to functionality is really what I was after in MOCA. But, back in 1993 when we designed it, we just did not have the technology to describe this or a structural way to do it. So, over the years, MOCA components (and it is worse in most other WMS offerings) have too […]

Your WMS is Leaving Valuable Data all over the Floor

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A good WMS has its hands on everything going on. So, you’d think it would be easy to get at data, right?

Well, in a crazy twist of fate, many of them take the position of “The WMS knows all, but tells little”.

Your WMS Wants to Have a Word With You!

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My own car (I don’t have a cute name for it – just my car) is constantly prodding me about something. Too close to the side of the lane it says with a, not so subtle, shake of the steering wheel. Or, too close to center stripe, too close to the car in front of me, or watch out for that car there, or I am too tired to be driving.

What’s going on here is a shift – a shift to actionable observations.