As one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, we are always looking for team members that strive to make a difference. If you align with our philosophy of courageous excellence, please consider sending a note to us at We’d love to meet you!

Creating a Rewarding Remote Work Environment

Since 2007, we have been using distributed teams and remote team members. In the over dozen years that followed, we have created a singularly unique way of working to create unparalleled speed, quality, success, and satisfaction.

“Our team is so effective – much larger (big 5) consulting groups have come to us to explain how we do it”

– Mark Fralick

Part of our success at this has to do with our unique “Respectful Challenge” idea, where anyone on the project (team members no matter the experience level, customers, 3rd party consultants, can challenge an idea, an approach, an assumption, or just a statement.

This alone creates a very inclusive environment. Beyond that, our “Challenge and Refine” approach means we simultaneously question and validate everything. In a, potentially, disconnected world, we have figured out how to pull team members together, give them a voice, and create an extremely compelling remote work environment.

Ironically, most companies spout about their culture with little actual backup in terms of action. We take our mission statement very seriously. Some of our guiding ideas:

  • Our goal is to help our team members achieve their personal goals. This may be related to financial or opportunities (technical/functional), etc. We try hard to understand and attend to these. See Mark Fralick’s Article from 2016 about how gratitude can change everything.
  • We believe our staff should reflect what the world looks like. We are multi-cultural and respect and support the religious and cultural traditions of all team members.
  • Several years ago, we started addressing gender equity in terms of hiring and opportunities. See Mark Fralick’s Article from 2017 regarding our female project leads. As of 2019, we achieved a 51/49 split of team members identifying as female vs male.
  • GetUsROI supports a generous bonus program to all team members in addition to a one-of-a-kind profit-sharing program.

Right now we are looking for experienced JDA/BlueYonder technical and functional experts in the following regions:

  • Latin America Regions
  • Southern Asia/Pacific Regions
  • Australia and New Zealand

If you want to be part of go-to implementer for highly automated sites, chat with us.

Also, we are looking for BigData and Cloud Developers in our R&D group. So, if you work with or want to work with technologies like Kafka, Cassandra, Camel, RxJS, NoSQL, HazelCast and others chat with us.