Codeless Robot Integrations and New Android Wearables with Voice Cues Highlight New WMS Extensions

Announcing the Attuned Labs 5.0 (Euphonium) Release

The AttunedLabs Euphonium (Eupho) release makes another big splash with a huge set of new features to augment your existing WMS, WES, Order Management, and Robot/Goods-to-Person system. See more information at

Codeless Robot, WES Integrations.  In a really exciting set of improvements, our new Leap Entities feature allows for codeless integrations with Robots, WES, and other MHE systems. See the VIDEO HERE of a codeless integration between a BlueYonder 2019 system and both Locus Robotics and 6 River Systems simultaneously with our on-the-fly transformations and the new Leap Entities feature.

Support for wearable technology from ProGlove. The new version of our UI framework supports the terrific ProGlove Display – VIDEO HERE, via the addition of Android Intents and the new Android deployment option in the Elastic UI. Additionally, our UI team has added additional widgets, aimed at ease-of-use and implemented a new set of authentication options to the framework. Get more information under the Form section of the Leap Euphonium Release.

Execution Activity Streams brings a new way to coordinate Robots, Humans, Directed and Undirected work, and disparate WMS, WES, and WCS systems into a single framework. The Leap Execution Activity Framework (LEAF) is a new member of the Leap architecture. See the LEAF Whitepaper here.

All of the above leads to the realization that warehouses of the future are going to need to more rapidly accommodate changes in technology, new ideas, and systems that ‘think’ they control certain areas of a building. We call this a Content Managed Warehouse. You can see the Whitepaper here which has both the above videos embedded within it.

If you’d like more information on any of our technology, please contact me. As usual, all Attuned Labs technology is free for use to any GetUsROI customer or authorized partner.

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