Courageous Excellence

We believe courage is one of the most defining measures of a person. Without courage, we feel, one cannot have anything else that really matters. Now, certainly we are not out there doing dangerous work. We have huge respect for the men and women who face danger every day. Instead, we acknowledge that pursuing excellence requires courage, intellectually and entrepreneurially, at every level of our organization. You see, being courageous serves everyone. We should be courageous in our desires to learn, to achieve new things, to accomplish goals that others fear (even if we feel some fear ourselves) and to think about problems in ways no one else would. That is the thing about being courageous – it is not about NOT having fear or self-doubt, it is about managing it and moving forward anyway. The GetUsROI mission is simple: Courageous Excellence.

About Being Courageous:

  • We must be grounded in the idea of always trying to ‘Do the Right Thing’.   Doing the right thing is not a matter of convenience.  Sometimes it takes courage.  We must continue to foster an environment in which our main question needs to be: ‘did we do the right thing for the customer?’  If any of you have seen our staff interact with customers directly, you understand how different your view can be if you are first trying to do the right thing.
    We stand in stark contrast to some of our business partners whose first question is ‘how do we get paid.’ Sometimes we are not on the same page with our customers or partners. We can only do our part. In some situations all we can do is indicate what we think the right thing is – and let the customer decide. In some cases, it means we do the work the way the customer wants (with adequate notes of concern from us). In bigger or more difficult situations it could mean we part ways with the customer or do not take their business. But, being courageous about doing the right thing means it cannot have a price tag.
  • We must Not Fear Our Own Success.  As a business, we use excellence to achieve ROI for our customers.  This may mean that we work ourselves out of a job.  This should be an expectation of ours.  If we do our job well, we should be working ourselves out of that job. We do Not Fear the Emulation of other companies, as competitors copy success.  Instead, this should be a motivating factor.  Finally, we cannot fear the fact that as we become successful, our team members will be sought after by others.  If we are doing our job to create a successful and engaging environment, where people can achieve their personal goals, we have done our job.
  • We must Not Fear Challenges.  Challenges hit us in all sorts of ways; technical, business, etc. There is a way to turn all of these into opportunities. Many of these things turn into learning experiences or opportunities to further our education. We must seize these opportunities.  We understand that difficult situations occur every day. If we are paying attention, we can benefit from them.  Likewise, we must not fear challenges presented to us by customers. While we should be prudent, and validate that the challenge is aligned with our direction, we have to push through our fear and self doubt – and achieve success for our customer.
  • We must Not Fear Questioning Our Own ROI.  They say that looking in the mirror can sometimes be the hardest thing to do.   We must not fear questioning our own ROI.  If we are providing excellence and thus significant ROI, we will always be fine.  However, if we are in a situation where we are NOT providing ROI, whatever the circumstance – we must alter the situation.  It is a moral imperative to do so.

About Excellence:

Being ‘The Best’ vs ‘Excellence’. There is a saying: ‘It is easy to be the big fish in a small pond.’ This is the problem with the idea of being the ‘best’. It assumes there is an end to the goal. Best, compared to whom? When you are the best – what is next – you pat yourself on the back and relax? Excellence, on the other hand, is more of a journey than a destination. Excellence is something that we can pursue every day without end.

  • We should seek excellence in ourselves before expecting it in others.  We should seek excellence in our behavior, our interactions with others, our decision making, our technical approach and solutions, our customer engagements and our follow-up.
  • By seeking excellence as individuals, we achieve excellence as a team. 
  • Excellence is an expectation. Since it is a journey, it does not have an ending point. Excellence is something we can all work on every day.
  • We should seek solutions for our customers that foster excellence in their organization.  We should look for opportunities for excellence on behalf of our customers in every engagement
  • Our customers should expect and demand excellent ROI.  Excellent solutions, excellent execution, excellent innovation – all of these things can contribute to ROI.  But we must always frame our approach, solutions, and customer interactions with Excellent ROI in our mind.  A solution that is elegant, for example, does not necessarily create excellent ROI.  Excellence in ROI is a paramount objective.
  • We should foster an excellent work environment for our team members. Just as nature thrives on diversity, so should our work environment. Grounded in mutual respect, our organization and the team members should acknowledge our different points of view, beliefs and ideas as valid and valuable contributions.
  • We will provide every resource necessary to our team members, so they can pursue excellence. This means training, diversity in job assignments, travel opportunities, technical resources, personal time, family time off, flexibility in work schedule, etc.   Without the support of excellence, this will become an objective in words only.

So, what do we want to be known for here at GetUsROI? Courageous Excellence in all that we do!

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