Gratitude – Changing the Conversation

Gratitude Changes Everything

  • Published on December 9, 2016 via LinkedIn

Mark Fralick – WMS Evangelist, co-Creator of MOCA, and currently 74-0 on WMS Go-lives

Gratitude changes the whole conversation…

In the 25+ years of my career, I have seen many different leadership styles and corresponding cultures. Over the past few years I have been focused on creating a culture of gratitude.

Now, let me first say that gratitude does not imply weakness. I am not peddling weak direction or the ambiguous messaging that is the notorious symptom of weak leaders.

Actually, I am talking about the strength that comes from the shared gratitude of team members. I believe in the idea that gratitude should be pervasive throughout an organization. I have, also, come to think that gratitude is one of the few emotions that, in business, we can convey without any downside. And, it is not conveyed enough.

You see, gratitude is like a win/win equation. No matter which side of the equation you are on, the giving or receiving side, it feels good. Now, to be sure, there are folks who feel like ‘they alone’ are responsible for all of their success. You know these types – you see them sometimes skyrocket to prominence in an organization. But, typically, they burn out due to the lack of fuel that yields long-term success: A team that believes in their cause.

A belief system based on gratitude among highly performing team members changes everything!

When people feel free and, personally, compelled to acknowledge each other – it drives teams to a deeper commitment to success. It drives them to cover each other’s backs; to be there for each other and to work to wholly new level. I have witnessed this, myself, as I monitor project conversations: people are more likely to jump in with “I got this”, or “You get out of here – we’ll cover this”, etc.

Gratitude, starting at the top, increases productivity, drives up happiness, creates a feeling of belonging and seems to very positively impact retention. Plus, it just makes the whole organization a better, more fun and engaging place to work.

Give it some thought. See how changing the conversation, to one revolving around gratitude, can work for you.