Introducing LUCA – Features and Integrations Living Together in Harmony

On-Prem Features, Cloud Features, Standard or Customized to Your Business – Luca Brings Them All Together

Great ideas come in all sorts of sizes and packages. From big physical innovations like robots, smaller esoteric functions like cartonization, or unique custom mobile applications – they can all bring value to your organization. LUCA, or Leap Unified Composable Architecture, brings a Feature-First fabric for including virtually any sort of technology – including composable UI/UX Applications. Ironically, the vendors we used to call “Best-of-breed Systems”, feel old and stodgy compared to the innovation going on around them. Digital transformation, robotics, software robots (RPAs), innovative little services, or just great ideas your implementation staff might have – needn’t wait for some future release to see the light of day. See more from our sister company’s website at