WMS Implementations

Our Game-Changing Implementation Process

Our track record of successful implementations is unmatched – 100% – over 70 in a span of 17 years. We are specialists in large multi-year, multi-geo implementations for global companies. Adding to that, nearly all of our jobs are fixed-bid (no surprises). How do we achieve this level of success for our customers?

Our unique “Challenge-and-Refine” approach is validation-centric. From the first storyboards, many in the form of videos, through the challenge process, to end-to-end testing, and finally to go-live, we are constantly validating the solution. At GetUsROI, testing is not a phase of the project, it is a mindset. This approach allows us to move quickly while maintaining order in the project.


We focus in leveraging the solution using standard product approaches. While minimizing customizations is preferred, we also realize that you want the highest “percentage of fit” to maintain your competitive advantage. This is where our depth of experience in the architecture provides significant advantage. We will ensure that the least invasive approach is taken should you decide a customization is necessary.

Let us show you how we can make your next deployment a 100% success – or better yet, talk to one of our customers!