WMS System Sub-Contracting and Staff Augmentation

WMS Staff Augmentation

img-wms-subcontracting Whether providing knowledgeble capacity to your staff or augmenting your team with specialty skills in the areas of Automation, High-Volume Processing or Parcel Integration, GetUsROI’s depth of experience can help leverage your business or even help staff a single implementation. GetUsROI is a BlueYonder Accredited Implmentation Partner.

There are many options out there if you are just looking for a generic java developer or a web developer.

But, if you need to bring productive WMS knowledge to your team, GetUsROI is in a unique position to fill the gap. As the creators of the popular MocaMasters site, specializing in training videos, we put extra effort into training our team members. In other words, ours are not generic technical resources. We train our resources on all aspects of JDA/BlueYonder WMS software prior to their engagement in live projects. Additionally, new resources ‘shadow’ experienced resources prior to their first individual assignment.

Lastly, our resources are hand-picked and trained by Mark Fralick – one of the leading WMS architects in the industry. Whether it’s a long term need or just adding staffing flexibility, if you are looking for excellent sub-contracting resources, contact us at Brian.Pier@getusroi.com or call (262) 264-0477.