Your WMS is Leaving Valuable Data all over the Floor

Getting the Most Out of Your Data

  • Published on March 7, 2018 via LinkedIn

Mark Fralick– WMS Evangelist, co-Creator of MOCA, and currently 74-0 on WMS Go-lives

A good WMS has its hands on everything going on. So, you’d think it would be easy to get at data, right?

Well, in a crazy twist of fate, many of them take the position of “The WMS knows all, but tells little”.

This means your WMS is just leaving data on floor, not easily able to share its observations with things like Work Force/Labor Management systems, Analytics packages, etc. This creates a lot of compromises around data sharing while simultaneously adding tons of cost to integrations of these applications. Let’s not even mention machine learning or A.I.

We thought this rather absurd.

We think that all the observations being made by the WMS are important. And, with today’s technology, we can not only store all the observations but query them discretely (with no-SQL data stores like Cassandra) or as streams (with something like Apache Spark). Do a quick web search on Spark+AI to see all the exciting work going on in the field.

So, we created this idea of a Massively Observable WMS Architecture and are making it free for people to use. As a general-purpose framework, it can also work with just about any system. Use this idea for a Daily Transaction Tracking replacement, storing Product Recall data, Track and Trace, a modern replacement for old RP LENS systems, and for Analytics and A.I. feeds.

This will be freely available under an open-source license in April. 

Distribute Freely, my friends!