Your WMS Wants to Have a Word With You!

Everyone’s a critic, even my car… 

Yes, my own car (I don’t have a cute name for it – just my car) is constantly prodding me about something. Too close to the side of the lane it says with a, not so subtle, shake of the steering wheel. Or, too close to center stripe, too close to the car in front of me, or watch out for that car there, or I am too tired to be driving.

What’s going on here is a shift – a shift to actionable observations. 

In our space, warehouse/distribution execution and automation, we’ve been doing a lot of work on creating an ability to capture data and turn it into actionable observations. Recently, in fact, I wrote an article talking about how your WMS is leaving all sorts of valuable information on the floor. In other words, the WMS is emitting data, but these systems are not always doing a good job of turning all of that data into actions. 

Early last year, to fill this gap, we started constructing a data-oriented, social interaction platform called SenseSayz (pronounced Senses), pulling together IoT data, vehicle telemetry, EMS alerts, asserted observations and user interactions into a single, socialized, platform. 

Our Sitelinez mobile app is a WMS-centric offering based on this socialized data platform. Think of it as a two-way discussion with your WMS and key users. While it is designed to work with any WMS, or any other execution system for that matter, you can get started quickly with our seamless integration to your existing RP/JDA EMS feeds. Then, just add more accounts and publishers from there.

Your WMS wants to have a serious conversation with you.

Sitelinez allows that to happen in one simple mobile app. As usual, it is free to use for GetUsROI customers and partners – but also available to anyone else who wants to use it. See what it looks like at: